Our “meditation” trip, Escape to Natural Park Peneda Geres

This weekend we were invited to spend some time relaxing, forget work, pressure, meetings and simply disconnect. We couldn’t resist this offer so we spend an hour in the train from Porto to Braga and then were picked up by our host to continue our trip to the Natural Park Peneda-Geres, where we were supposed to spend 2 nights in a private bungalow in the middle of the forest. We were lucky as Portugal presented us with a marvelous weather to enjoy our visit.

After arriving and having a tasty and satisfying dinner with the local red wine, we went to sleep and get ready to discover the places around the next day. We like to eat healthy so we enjoyed this shrimp with squid and grilled vegetables.


Meat eaters, don’t worry – this is your paradise! You will find that locals really enjoy meat and cook it deliciously!

This was our bungalow to have a rest from fruitful days, but now we were just getting ready.


Waking up to see this beautiful day was priceless. The mood was already great, so we set up to go for a jog around the forest and then – to have a cup of coffee that was possible to smell even from the bungalow.


This trip was supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable, so we set up to see the surroundings, do some yoga, discover some small villages and enjoy the Natural Park Geres with century-old trees and millennium-old stones brought by the Romans to these places.

We went up the hills and started with the awe-inspiring view over the hills from the top. Olesya, our editor, didn’t resist to stop and meditate a bit.


Going deeper in the forest of the Natural Park we found the change in the scenery and appeared in a shady road with waterfalls and high mountains. The sun was wading through the trees creating a mysterious feeling. The sounds of the water were calming down. Here we also had to stop to try the water and our balance… 🙂


The water is drinkable, it is as clean as it can possibly be. It feels like swimming, but it was a bit cold to do it in a very cold water. Surely, we have to go back during summer.


On our way we discovered incredible amount of waterfalls and we couldn’t resist from stopping to enjoy this clean water, the sound of the flow and the fresh air in this fairy-tale place.


This Natural Park is very diverse. It’s not only waterfalls (even though, sometimes it feels like it is), but it’s also incredible rivers and views, like this one:


This park is already a producer of electricity. Such dams help to produce it. Here we already were so content that the photos began to be just fun!


During our trip around this place we didn’t meet many people, but we encountered lots of creatures that were showing us who was the master of this place. The cows, goats, sheep, dogs, horses, – they are wild and look very surprised, when you pass by them in the car, and even more surprised, when you stop to take a picture. However, they are posing like professional models…


It took us around 6 hours to see everything, but there was still a lot to discover. Coming back to out camping park were we were staying, to have a tasty dinner and a glass of wine, we were already planning our next day… It should be a wonderful journey, but it will be our next post. Stay tuned to visit a forgotten village of Ermida and find the best musician of the region, who will play harmonic only for us.


Huge thanks to our host – Lima Escape, for organizing our trip. Without your caring staff this trip wouldn’t be so enjoyable. Personal thanks to the director of the Lima Escape Park, – Anna, for your care, hospitality and sense of humor that we love so much in people!

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