Great Christmas presents from Portugal. Cosmetics

We are approaching the turmoil of Christmas time. Supermarkets are full of people every day, parking is overbooked, stores are giving up to 50% discounts so that people won’t go bankrupt while buying Xmas presents for their loved ones, friends, colleagues, bosses, everyone they want to be happy this Christmas.

Some people search for special or interesting presents though. So for those of you, who are tough to satisfy, we went trough the online offerings from the local Portuguese producers to see what they are offering this Christmas and we got a pretty interesting list of presents that you can buy and treat your special people exceptionally!

We started with cosmetics as our ladies are usually the first to start searching for presents 🙂

In cosmetics we began from the best known in Portugal and the brands that are aimed at luxury segment.

  1. Castelbel is offering a line of cosmetics Christmas Special Edition which includes aromatic soaps, diffusers and candles. We tried some of the products of this company and we enjoyed the quality, the flavours and the experience for a long time, so this will be our “must have” present.Castelbel
  2. Claus Porto, produced by Ach Brito, is one of the oldest producers of soaps in Portugal. This company offers interesting range of soap flavors. Even though we didn’t find any special offer for Xmas, this is also a very good product and can be bought in a gift box that will help forgetting the headache from warping the present. Our recommendation will be a Lavender and Lime Basil, but then again, it’s our taste, so you try and we sure you will find your favorite!Claus Porto Beautybar
  3. Confiança doesn’t focus on the time of the year on their web-site, but offers a range of soup flavors that will satisfy the most demanding tastes. We ended up in a page with a “Sweet Home” collection as we love our home and enjoy making it cozy and… “homy”. We like, when it smells good, when there is a warm and smile-provoking environment. So here is us, but as you know, we don’t force! Just go for it as this one also deserves your attention.Confiança
  4. Want something special? Philipe by Almada offers the range of creams and soaps made of donkey milk. Surprised? Heard of donkeys, but not of the cosmetics made of donkey milk? Well, we had the same reaction at first, but then again, Cleopatra is known for taking baths in donkey milk, the magic qualities of this milk are known for centuries. Now you can try it by yourself. The products are produced in Portugal and you can order them online. Here you can also find a Christmas packaging, which is handy. Give us your feedback when you try them! Donkey milk
  5. If you are searching a present for your “second half” – husband or boyfriend, or brother… Antiga Barberaria de Bairro might be your stop for shopping. This is cosmetics and tools for shaving that will keep your man freshly shaved and will leave a nice flavor on him. Warning: other women might like your man after that! Antiga

We hope this will help you a bit with making a decision on your Christmas presents. Stay tuned for Port Wine suggestions for Christmas!

Have a wonderful Christmas time!

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