Christmas presents from Portugal. Port wines

Many people in the world know Portugal because of the Port. We have to admit, it’s something that tourist want to try, when coming over to Portugal apart from sightseeing, good food, some other very good wines etc.

Many Port wine producers have their cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia, near Porto. You can visit them, do a tour, get to know more about the Port production, try several types of Ports and then buy what you liked the most.

So since we see it not only as a good drink for a great evening with friends, but also an amazing holiday gift. We have to be true to ourselves and our dearest readers – we haven’t tried all Ports yet, as it’s almost impossible. Therefore, we will write only about Ports we tried and we enjoyed.

So let’s start:

  1. One of our favorites – Graham’s port. Our team is more a group of Tawny-lovers, which means Graham’s Tawny 20 is one of our best choices for drinking together as well as presenting to each other. However, there are very great Rubies that you can try. If you are into Organic wines – Graham’s Natura is your wine! If you are visiting Portugal, you will be able to find this Port almost in every store as well as in Duty free. Just be careful with the amount of bottles while travelling to the country outside of EU as there are special rules on bringing alcohol in different countries. We don’t want you to lose your precious Ports on the customs of your country.Grahams-10000913
  2. Porto Finest ReserveQuinta do Tedo – here we fell in love with the Finest Reserve. This wine is composed of 3 vintages and leaves a soft sweet taste in your mouth. It’s a wonderful ruby Port that can be consumed vanilla ice-cream or alone. This producer doesn’t have their cellar in Vila Nova de Gaia, however, if you travel around Douro Valley (the place, where Ports are produced), you can visit their Quinta (or farm) and try their wines. You will love that calm place and very nice people.TEdo
  3. sandeman-porto-vintage-quinta-do-seixo-2013Sandeman has very interesting Tawnies and has just launched Quinta do Seixo (Single quinta vintage) 2013. We would suggest this one as we enjoyed it a lot. It has that typical very intense flavor and taste of red fruits with some spicy notes on the palette. Very long wine just like we prefer.
  4. PachecaQuinta da Pacheca offers a very good Tawny (apart from other types of Ports). As well as Quinta do Tedo, they don’t have a cellar in V.N. Gaia, so you can visit a luxurious Estate in Douro Valley that is just 5 minutes from Regua (“the gates of Douro”). You will be able to try wines, have a nice lunch in a cozy restaurant with the view over Douro river and have a memorable experience.

Here we offered some Ports that we prefer from that huge range of Ports out there. However, it’s always your call, what you want to buy. Remember only one thing – Port is not the drink you should save on. This is an investment in your good mood, magic evening and wonderful time with your friends and family.

When choosing Port for yourself or for your friends, think of the mood you want them to be in when drinking it. You don’t want to present them a bad one!


Photo credits:,,,, Alberto J. Diniz

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