Christmas in Portugal. How do we celebrate

tableToday is the day for people from all over the world to sit around the table or just get together with their family and friends and enjoy the time! Some people will exchange their presents, some people will be lucky to welcome Santa Claus in their homes, some people will be just happy to see the lovely faces of their relatives.

Here in Portugal we would say every… ok, almost every family will have their cod-fish (aka bacalhão) on their table with boiled vegetables, cabbage and greens. However, some families chose turkey as their main dish for Christmas.

For the desert there will be “Bolo rei” (King cake) – a traditional Portuguese Christmas cake, even though our team prefers “Bolo rainha” (Queen cake) that is more moist and with less dry fruits. Some families will chose special cakes. Cake

Portuguese adore “rabanadas” – cooked white bread with milk, eggs and cinnamon.

photoOverall, there will be lots of food, fun and people… Oh yes, there will be lots of people. Portuguese families like to gather all the family members, and that’s a lot! Up to 1990th Portuguese families used to have more than 5 children, so now there are lots of aunts and uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers who are joining the family for Christmas. Usually, there are more than 10 people in one house. So it’s lots of fun!!!003Close to midnight Jesus will bring presents to kids and adults will exchange gifts. Yes, not Santa, but Jesus, even though Santa visits some of the contemporary families. It will be warm atmosphere that will continue till tomorrow, when families get together again to eat co-called “Roupa velha” (or an old clothes). This dish is a mixture of all foods that were left from the previous day.

Christmas in Portugal is always a very warm family holiday and we wish you to have a wonderful time with your family and friends!


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