Passadiços do Paiva – the way to walk

Sometimes it’s so worth it to wake up at 7:00 am on Sunday in Portugal… Today was that day. We were planning to go hiking in Passadiços do Paiva and agreed to meet with the group of local Portuguese friends at 8:30 am. Well, everybody is always late in Portugal, so we are sitting in a cafe (yes, it is already open at 8:00 am) and waiting for our friends to arrive. Today is a Female marathon in Porto so the cafe is full of girls of any age in pink t-shirts having their energizing coffee before the run or walk, whatever they are going to do in the marathon. They are actively discussing their activities and house life (at least those girls next to us are discussing their morning routine).
We are not sure what we are going to do today as our Portuguese friends are very late, but we are sure it will be a very active day whatever happens!
Well, we are lucky. We are picked up and now on the way to 8 km walk around the mountains, literally – around the mountains using the wooden walkway attached to rocks.
This was created a while ago along the river Paiva in Portugal next to a small city called Arouca. In the beginning this atraction was free of charge, but last year during the “regular” forests’ fires this place was burnt to ashes. To say the truth, we were astonished on how quickly it was rebuilt and opened to public. So this year we can enjoy the walk again.
Now one has to pay the whole 1 eur to enter the walk. Don’t laugh… If you haven’t paid in advance and reserved your place, you won’t be allowed there. So make sure you agree on the date of walk with your friends, go to the web-site and reserve your ticket here. You will receive the eTicket via e-mail. Print it out and take with you. The gorgeous Portuguese guard 🙂 will be asking exactly the eTicket sent via e-mail, not the confirmation of your payment! Then – enjoy!
Some tips
Passadiços do Paiva_map
1) It’s better to start from the Areinho side. There you will have the most beautiful view and the hardest climb on the way. Honestly, we saw poor people walking towards us stopping every 5 steps because they couldn’t walk anymore. There is NO WAY OUT until the end. If you are not ready, it’s better for you to practice first! If you have a trouble, there are such cute SOS stations that will help you to call the guard or a local “bombeiros” guys who will help you.
2) This walk is hard. Well, not “really-really” hard, but very difficult. Make sure you are ready for that. Take water with you, wear comfortable shoes and… take photo camera. This is a gorgeous place that needs to be remembered not only with your 5 senses.
3) You can take a sandwich for a small break, but there are several cafes on the way so that you can have a coffee-break. In the beginning of the there is this small and welcoming place waiting for you, where you can find a sandwich or a water to take with you.
4) The walk has opening hours so please do think of it:
  • Winter Hours (November to March): from 9:00h to 17:00h
  • Summer Hours (April-October): 07:30h to 20:00h

Here are some photos from our walk. Enjoy the view and have an incredible walking experience!!!

The official web-site of Passadiços do Paiva:


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