Algarve – Vila do Bispo

I know there are not so many Portuguese people who know this place, not even talking about foreigners.

I was brought here for work, that’s why I got to know this small village or town. Well, I have to admit that you can see the whole town from the top of the hill, which is pretty beautiful and calming.


I know I promised lots of pictures of Algarve, but this time I was really busy with the photo shoot for the client, so we didn’t go out too much. Since I promised pictures, I can share some of my favorites from this region that I took in the beginning of this year.

This is not far from the famous Praia da Rocha in Portimão. Loved every minute of being there. Warm salty ocean wind, birds flying around, waves and the inner piece that we are all searching for (as I can see from my friends’ Facebook feed).


And here is my first experience with the sunrise. If you knew me better, you would understand why I am not that into this kind of pictures. I do love to sleep and I am a bit grumpy in the morning. However, I figured out that if I make it get up early, I actually love it and use it wisely. That was my discovery of the year that brought lots of new thoughts and, sure, new photos (you’ve probably already seen the ones from Porto at 5 am).

So here is the one from Algarve taken around 6 am in the beginning of this year:


OK. So I would say that comparing to my previous trips to Algarve, this one was too calm and too slow for checking around but was very intense for work. This picture I think tells it all – plain, simple, but with huge wind almost like a storm. I felt like that storm this time.


Well, I would say that if you are traveling to this place, you should take a car. There are lots of places around – Sagres, Lagos, Portimão, Albufeira and others. You would find incredible beaches and views, architecture and very nice restaurants with good food. Vila do Bispo is a great place to relax as it’s very calm and quiet, but since you are here, I am sure you would like to discover something else.


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